Our purpose is to provide the highest standards of education and value academic excellence, pupil well-being and personal development in equal measure.

This will be achieved through the following aims:

  1. To educate our pupils in a way which will encourage them to be hardworking, to achieve, and to have a chance to be successful.
  2. To encourage our pupils to be honest, trustworthy and responsible for their actions.
  3. To strive to achieve high standards of literacy and numeracy in all our pupils.
  4. To encourage a respect for learning, self-discipline, and sound personal management.
  5. To try and give all our pupils a sense of belonging to a community with shared values and to have pride in themselves and their school.
  6. To encourage our pupils to respect the needs and rights of others, and to be tolerant to different beliefs and points of view.
  7. To give our pupils opportunities which help them to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence.
  8. To prepare our pupils for life in the adult world by helping them to mature, to develop socially, to face the challenges of a competitive society, and to live a healthy lifestyle.
  9. To provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment where our pupils can feel secure, happy and valued as individuals.
  10. To encourage co-operative ways of working which support the learning process and the caring ethos of the school.