Our Curriculum

We are a proud school serving the equally proud community of Prudhoe in Northumberland.  Our school has a very positive ethos where all individuals are respected and valued, regardless of ability, background or needs. We are determined that all pupils will be given  equal opportunities to thrive and succeed, and we will challenge and support them to overcome all potential barriers to learning.  

We intend to inspire our pupils through a broad, rich, diverse and inclusive curriculum,  designed to provide an education relevant to our community, which promotes academic  excellence, personal development and well-being in equal measure. It is our intention  that all of our pupils leave Highfield Middle School as mature, confident and articulate young  people, well prepared and ready for the next phase of their education and for life in modern Britain.  

Below you will see links to further information in all curriculum areas. If you would like to know more about our curriculum offer, please email [email protected] and request a meeting in school.

Academic Excellence 

Our pupils benefit from specialist teaching in English, Maths, Science and foundation  subjects throughout the school, designed to embed deep understanding of concepts and  inspire creativity and innovation. We have a strong reading culture. We also take pride in the  range and quality of our provision in other areas, such as the Arts, Sport, Technology and  Languages. We teach our pupils to always aim high and encourage them to achieve their full potential. Well planned learning opportunities, alongside specialist teaching and facilities,  help to ensure pupils make strong progress across the curriculum.  

Personal Development 

We celebrate effort and achievement, both academically and beyond the classroom. We offer a wealth of opportunities for personal development, including a huge range of  extra-curricular activities and adventurous and cultural residential opportunities. Pupils are given responsibility and are encouraged to contribute and make a difference during their time at Highfield through School Council, Peer Mentors, E Stars (equality team), Prefects and Sports Leader roles. We broaden horizons and raise aspirations through enterprise and careers education and opportunities across the curriculum.


Pupil well-being is at the heart of school life. We know our young people very well and help  them to overcome personal challenges and barriers to learning through high quality,  individualised support. Our offer includes special needs assistants, learning mentors,  dedicated pastoral staff and family support. Our curriculum helps pupils to stay safe through high quality work on Anti-Bullying, E-Safety and Sex & Relationships. We promote resilience and positive mental health and regularly deliver focused initiatives through, for example,  drama and Outdoor Learning.